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About Home Hospice Association


Providing quality end of life care in a holistic, culturally sensitive manner.

Normalizing death through education to professionals, children, families and communities.

Supporting the dying, their loved ones and those who care for them in grief and bereavement.

Our Leadership 

Our leaders represent a vast cultural, social and spiritual range of experience, connected foundationally in their shared vision of a better way of supporting each other at end of life. 


Who Home Hospice Association serves 

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84% of people living in Canada do not have equitable access to free and quality end of life care. Whether home has a roof, doors and windows, is one room in a hospital or long term care facility, has four cardboard sides, or is a 8 x 8' prison cell, we care for those facing death and those who love them.  

2021-2022 Annual Report  

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” 

                                                                          Helen Keller 

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