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Across the Rainbow

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Did you know that most people see their pets as an important member of the family, and for many, pets are their most unconditional support and care givers? If you answered yes, you may wish to walk in this year’s Moonlit Memory Walk to raise money for The Bello Project. Honouring the bond between pets and their people is one of the most compassionate gifts we are able to provide to a person diagnosed with a terminal illness thanks to this program.

The Moonlit Memory Walk event experience

The Moonlit Memory Walk is proud to offer our participants three types of events this year, in-person, hybrid and virtual. In-person walks will take place in each region at a specified location to be announced.  Hybrid Walks will incorporate a digital element to the in-person experience for those who want to attend, but cannot be at the regional locations. The virtual walk will be an all-inclusive, easily accessible, online community experience taking place in each region at the same time.

Why are
Bello Project walk teams called “Across the Rainbow Bridge”?

Across the Rainbow Bridge is a famous poem that describes where pets go after death.  Joining an “Across the Rainbow Bridge” team and walking in the Moonlit Memory Walk helps:

Keep the memory of your pet alive through the legacy of
in-memoriam donations made in their name

Promote collaborate healing and well-being especially when you are able to gather with other pet owners

Supports the services that The Bello Project provides at no cost for pets of terminally ill clients, allowing them to remain together sharing companionship and love when it is most needed.   

Who Benefits from The Bello Project

Those approaching their end of life and who have a pet companion will be supported by funds raised from The Moonlit Memory Walk. Today, more than ever, pets are often a person’s primary companion, and may be their main source of physical touch and connection. Having to consider surrendering, or even worse, euthanasia of a beloved pet as the only option because of the stress a family is feeling dealing with a diagnosis is devastating. This is the person and the family we are committed to helping the most.

Join an existing team:

Boxers who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Create a team:

Gather your family, friends, co-workers, or sports-team members, and be part of Home Hospice Association’s "Across the Rainbow Bridge" team challenge for the Moonlit Memory Walk. Group challenges are always a fun element of the Moonlit Memory Walk. Your team (2 or more people) are welcome to challenge another team, group (to establish a team), or to match or beat your fundraising efforts.

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