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Join "Across the Rainbow Bridge" at this year’s Moonlit Memory Walk, a team dedicated to supporting HHA's The Bello Project. This team - inspired by the mythical overpass where pets wait to reunite with their owners in the afterlife - honours the cherished bond between pets and their owners. 

Why The Bello Project Matters

The Bello Project, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, helps pet owners who are facing death stay with their pets for as long as possible. The project ensures that pets are well cared for and that owners can find peace in knowing their pets will find loving homes afterward they’re gone. 

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What We Do 

By fundraising and walking with us, you support HHA to:  


  • Establish Agency Partnerships: These partnerships are the key to bringing compassionate care to anyone, anywhere. We provide agencies with the programming and resources needed to add Bello Project support services to their existing care offering, including training compassionate caregivers. 


  • Support Dying Pet Owners: Through our network of care professionals, The Bello Project offers comprehensive emotional, spiritual, and physical support and resources to pet owners planning for their pets' futures. 


  • Expand The Bello Project to the Houseless Population: Our current focus with The Bello Project is to address the needs of street-involved owners and their pets. 

How You Can Help 

You can join our "Across the Rainbow Bridge" Team at any time before the walk on October 17th, 2024. Consider organizing a community fundraising activity such as a dog-washing event to engage local pet owners and raise awareness! You can also encourage all your pet-loving friends, family, and co-workers to walk alongside you. And, of course, you're welcome to bring furry friends to the Walk! 


After you’ve signed up to participate and joined the team, you can customize your personal tribute page with a photo and description either of a loved one you’re walking in memory of, or your reason for wanting to support The Bello Project. And don’t forget to set your fundraising goal!  

Your Fundraising Dollars at Work

Funds raised will enhance The Bello Project by: 

  • Covering costs for in-home pet care services, re-homing initiatives, support work, and caregiver training. 


  • Spreading awareness about the needs of dying pet owners and the importance of pet care and support at end of life.

  • Expanding services to meet the unique challenges of pets living on the streets with their owners. 

Join Us

Your participation and fundraising efforts ensure that pets and their humans receive dignified and compassionate care from people who understand the profound connection between pets and their people.  

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