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February 27th, 2021

​April 26th, 2021

Family Tree Legacy 
by Angela Lee

Workshop Description
This will be a one-hour online class to lead a group of participants in making a family legacy tree. This engages participants to make their own family tree, and helps to show the legacy in their own blood line that they can be proud of. If you like creating crafts and would like your own take home work of art, come participate in this fun afternoon activity!

1. Canvas at least 10 x 12 inches or larger
2. Two paintbrushes: one round tip, one thin line tip
3. Acrylic paint colors: brown, two shades of green
4. One fine tip black Sharpie
5. Four to five pieces of paper towels
6. A clean used plastic container
7. Table top work area
8. Fun, open-minded creativity!



Muddy Paws 

by Terri Viola-Wilson

Loss leaves a pain in our hearts that takes time to heal; to begin to move forward with the love of that special someone tucked inside our hearts forever.  Missing loved ones can be profound. Creating ways of honoring their memory and healing our hearts may bring meaning and hope in the midst of sadness. 


About our Workshop Host: Terri Viola-Wilson is Home Hospice Association’s Hamilton Halton Chapter Champion and Program Manager for C.A.N.D.Y. Café. From the first day Terri joined in on Googler Doodler Day to the many events and many paws she has painted, her love for animals and art has shone through. 


For this activity, participants will bring out their inner “pawcasso” to paint and remember our four legged loved ones!

​June 24th, 2021

Workshop Description

As a proud member of the Home Hospice Association, Phylicia will be hosting a workshop on self-expression through collage. 

Collaging is a form of art making that allows the person to choose from already-created words and images from magazines, books, posters, stickers and other memorabilia.  Collaging is a great way for people to freely choose words and imagery that reflect their unconscious thoughts, feelings and emotions. 


Required Materials

  1. Books, Magazines, Posters, Calendars 

  2. One large sheet of blank paper

  3. Scotch and/or Glue stick

  4. Crayons, Markers or Pencil Crayons

  5. Scissors

  6. Quiet, private space and a creative mind!

Optional: Tissue paper, wrapping paper, stickers, scrapbook decorations and embellishments, fabric, leaves, personal memorabilia – personal photos

Expressive Collage Run 

by Phylicia Lafreniere

We can't change the outcome but we can improve the journey

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