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Anton, Eugenia is walking for Team Bello

Balaz, Sue is walking for her parents, Kathleen and Micheal Parrent

Caputo, Sara is walking for her parents, Pat and Anne Caputo

Cassidy, Don is walking for his brother in law, Ray Dewey

Chiarot, Tara is walking for her grandmother, Catherine Burford

Chiarot, Taylor is walking for her grandparents and aunt, Gordon, Margaret and Claudia

Drummond, Paul is walking for his friend, Scott Douglas Murray

Farwell, Anne is walking for her brother, Ray Dewey

French Sanges, Roslyn is walking for her friend, Pauline Hardcastle

Gardiner, Barbara is walking for Lil, Jack and George

Gunell, Patti is walking for her mother, Isabelle Gallant

Harrison, Pat is walking for her friend, Jean Wheeler

Heaney, Paul is walking for his friend, Jeff 'Chipper' Oestreicher


Hind, Kim is walking for her grandparents, Jim & Phyllis Wilson and Edsel & Pauline Stokes

Hind, Dan is walking for his parents, Pauline and Jim

Karl, Lisa is walking for Norma and Karl Karl

Lailavoix, Carole is walking for Team Bello

Labonville, Chris is walking for Norman, Maxine and Brian Labonville

Labonville, Christopher is walking for his uncle, Brian Labonville

Lebreche, Tammy is walking for Jack Lebreche

Lucek, Bev is walking for her parents, Joyce & Gene Baldasaro

McCarron, Sandy is walking for her mom, Isabel Gallant

McGuire, Melinda is walking for her friend, Patrick McDonough

Milligan, John is walking for his brother in law, James Newport

Milligan, Pam is walking for her brother, James Newport

Milsome, Jay is walking for his grandfather, Fred Milsome

Mosselman-Clarke, Lee-Anne is walking for her friends children

Newport, Margaret is walking for her parents and brother, Frank, Christina and Jim Newport

Pridham, Sue is walking for her friend, Dorothy Sabourin

Richard, Mike is walking for his grandmother, Bertha Beckon

Ricker, Shirley is walking for her mom, Isabelle Gallant

Romano, Lilly is walking for her parents, Joan and Lloyd Moning


Roser, Janice is walking for her parents, Karl and Norma Karl

Roser, Karly is walking for her grandparents, Karl and Norma Karl and Jack Roser

Sagan, Peter is walking for his parents and wife, Mary, Roman and Ann

Sanges, Samuel is walking for his mother, Rosina Sanges

Treacy, Bonnie is walking for her son in law, Jason Crowe

Treacy, Bruce is walking for his son in law, Jason Crowe

Viola-Wilson, Terri is walking for her sister, Sharon Kennedy

Wain, Micheal and Johanna are walking for his mom, Jean Wain

Weaymouth, Ann is walking for her parents and brother, Ed, Nan & Jim McDonald

Weller, Adriane is walking for her friend, Kyle Moore

Weller, Bill is walking for his sister, Lolly Buegel

Weller, Helen is walking for her friend, Jean Wheeler

White, Claudette is walking for her friend, Zan Wright

Wilson, Trevor is walking for his brother, James Wilson

Young, Brenda is walking for her parents and uncle, Marjorie & Howard Corbett, Ken Duncan

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