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Joining the Moonlit Memory Walk is as easy as 1... 2... 3!

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Sign up

 You can walk as an individual, sign up with an existing team, or start a new team. Not sure where to walk?

Find a walk location here.




Once you've registered, follow the easy steps to create your own fundraising page and goal. Reach out to your networks to donate and use our Toolkit for other fundraising tips!




Join us as we gather together to remember our loved ones, to share how they lived, to say their names, and to grow their legacies - all while supporting every person's right to accessible and compassionate end-of-life care.

Great incentives from the first $25.00 raised!


  1. Lantern 

  2. Participation in the Candle Lighting Ceremony



  1. Lantern 

  2. Participation in the Candle Lighting Ceremony

  3. HHA Mug 


  1. Lantern 

  2. Participation in the Candle Lighting Ceremony

  3. HHA Mug 

  4. HHA Fandana

Plus the top three fundraisers in each Walk Location will receive amazing Prize Packages!

Why Join?

Nearly 100% of people who join this walk have at some point in their lives suffered the loss of a loved one, and those who haven’t will almost certainly experience this pain and grief one day. Also, given the fact that every person on this earth will inevitably die, we all have a personal connection to dying and death - even if we don’t always like to think about it.    


The Moonlit Memory Walk is the perfect opportunity to celebrate our shared experience of being alive by recognizing that these lives of ours are finite, while also experiencing collective healing as we remember and continue to grieve those we have lost.


With every step, we celebrate the lives of parents, grandparents, siblings, children, and colleagues who have died. We also honour loved ones lost before, during, or after a pregnancy, the memory of pets that are no longer with us, and those who donated life-saving organs to others.



Your Impact

By joining the Moonlit Memory Walk and raising funds to benefit Home Hospice Association's programs and services, you are helping to ensure that no one dies alone, and that all loved ones have the support they need throughout their grief journey.


In light of the pain and suffering we’ve collectively witnessed and personally experienced during the Covid-19 global pandemic, society is increasingly realizing how damaging it is to die and grieve unsupported. The Moonlit Memory Walk shines a light on the urgent necessity for compassionate end-of-life care for anyone, at any time, of any age, and under any roof.


Join us on October 17, 2024, as we walk in support of Home Hospice Association's mission and vision to: 

  • Provide quality end-of-life care in a holistic, culturally sensitive manner.

  • Normalize death through education to professionals, children, families and communities. 

  • Support the dying, their loved ones, and those who care for them in grief and bereavement. 

  • Create a future where we will have forever changed end-of-life care for the better.  


Walk with us and make this mission part of the legacy of your loved one(s).

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