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For the past five years, the Moonlit Memory Walk has provided an opportunity to celebrate that our loved ones who have died also lived, whether for minutes, years, or decades. Their legacy continues to live on through the sharing of memories about who they were and the lasting impact they have made on the lives of others.

The Moonlit Memory Walk is the major fundraising event supporting the programs and services of Home Hospice Association helping to provide care for those at the end of their lives. With the support of our incredible walkers and donors we have achieved great things. The funds we have raised in memory of our loved ones have ensured care happens when cure is no longer possible.


Our Loved Ones Live on in the Memories
That We Share with Others about Who They were and the Legacy They Leave Us.

Upon arrival, participants were greeted and given a commemorative lantern on which they wrote the name(s) of their loved one(s). When everyone gathered outside, the names of those being remembered were shared, and with lanterns lit, participants began the walk.

A Time for Healing Through the Sharing of Memories and Stories:

Everyone carried a lantern to light the path and participants were encouraged to share their memories with others. Thought-provoking questions such as "What was most important to the loved one you are celebrating tonight?” or “What one word would you use to summarize your loved one?" were asked to help the sharing process. People who started the walk as strangers began to share stories and heal together.

Raising funds together to support Home Hospice Association to help provide care for those who will embark upon their end-of-life journey, as well as those who love them, including their pets.

On returning from the walk people who had never known each other before sat together and had desserts and beverages. When leaving, new acquaintances hugged, wished each other well, and thanked one another for sharing their stories. The smiles told of healing.

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