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OCTOBER 28 2023

The Moonlit Memory Walk is an affirming and impactful event that keeps the memories of our loved ones alive while connecting with others as a community of collective healing. All proceeds directly benefit the 84% of people, in Canada, who do not have equitable access to quality free end-of-life care. 

Each year this event brings people together to commemorate our loved ones and raise funds to benefit Home Hospice Association and our work to ease the suffering of those facing death and those who love them. We celebrate that they lived, whether for minutes, years, or decades and that they made a lasting impression on the lives of others.

There are multiple walk locations to choose from and participants are invited to join or create their own host location.  Please join us on October 28, 2023 to say their name and grow their legacy.


Remember that they lived

not how they died

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