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Who will your sponsorship connect you with at the Moonlit Memory Walk?

Those who have lost a loved one through illness or accidental death.

Parents who are grieving the loss of a pregnancy or a baby stillborn.

Pet owners who wish to be connected with those who understand their loss.

Community members who recognize how important it is to have a hospice bed for everyone who needs one.


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Part of Our Guest Experience

Upon arrival, participants are greeted with a commemorative lantern on which they write the name(s) of their loved one(s). They are then invited to help themselves to food and beverages and volunteers introduce familiar people to new people. Thus begins the establishment of a community.


As everyone gathers outside, the names of those being remembered are shared and, with lanterns lit, participants begin the walk. Everyone carries a lantern to light the footpath and participants are invited to share their memories with others.

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Feature Questions to Promote Story Telling

There are thought-provoking questions to help that sharing process such as:

 - "What was most important to the loved one you are celebrating tonight?

- "What one word would you use to summarize your loved one?"


People who began as strangers, begin to share and listen and continue to heal.

Part of Our Guest Experience

At our First Annual Moonlit Memory Walk, on returning from the walk, people who had never known each other before, sat together while they had desserts and beverages.


On leaving, new acquaintances hugged and wished each other well, and thanked one another for sharing their story. The smiles told of healing.

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