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Join "Team 10-15" in support of HHA’s Pre and Perinatal Hospice Program. Named in honour of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day (October 15th), this team is dedicated to enhancing comprehensive and compassionate support for those who’ve experienced the devastating loss of a baby. 

Why Team 10-15

The name "10-15" reflects the date of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day (10th month – 15th day), highlighting our commitment to remembering and supporting those affected. The numerology and other associations with 10-15 emphasize change, communication, and commemoration, aligning with our mission to offer compassionate care and awareness. 

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What We Do 

Team 10-15 supports HHA's Pre and Perinatal Hospice Program, which provides crucial support through: 

  • Our Babies, Our Grief: Providing direct support for individuals and families experiencing the loss of a baby, whether through miscarriage, medical reasons, stillbirth, infant death, or adoption, as well as addressing the long-term support needs of those who have experienced loss. 

How You Can Help 

Become a Team 10-15 member today, and encourage your friends, family, and co-workers to walk with you! After you’ve signed up to participate and joined Team 10-15, you can customize your personal tribute page with a photo and description either of a loved one you’re walking in memory of, or your reason for wanting to support the Pre and Perinatal Hospice Program. And don’t forget to set your fundraising goal!  

Your Fundraising Dollars at Work

We walk to: 

  • Provide scholarships for training professionals who support bereaved families. 

  • Fund progressive healing programs that offer both short- and long-term support. 

  • Raise awareness and foster discussions on infant and pregnancy loss, highlighting the need for support in every community. 

  • Enhance direct, comprehensive professional support to families in critical need. 

Join Us

Join us in extending our reach and deepening our impact. Together, we can provide comfort and care to those navigating profound loss, ensuring they do not face it alone.

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