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Become a volunteer and help us make the Moonlit Memory Walk a successful event in your community!


Whether you’re honouring the memory of a loved one you’ve personally lost or helping others in their grief journey, we're so grateful for your time, energy, skills and support. 


See available roles and sign up today! We’re looking for:


All money raised from the event directly supports the work of Home Hospice Association to ensure that increasing numbers of people across Canada can access quality compassionate end-of-life care.

Planning Team Volunteer Roles


Social Media Assistant

Assist us in developing an effective and creative social media campaign for the Moonlit Memory Walk that will help spread the word about our biggest annual fundraiser!

Committee Project Manager

We need someone who is very organized and shines in an admin role! Tasks include things like sending out meeting agendas, recording attendance and taking meeting minutes.

Event Manager

As the organizer of a multi-location event, HHA is a support hub for all our regional hosts. As such, the Event Manager collaborates with our specific location hosts, assisting them with what they need to make their event a success. In addition to doing essential relationship-building work, the Event Manager also assists with inventory and budget management. So we’re looking for someone with a diverse skill set who can multi-task!


Prize & Sponsorship Manager

Work with us to create sponsorship packages and source prize donations and giveaways for Moonlit Memory Walk participants.

Volunteer Coordinator

The most important facet of this role is revising and updating volunteer job descriptions and helping local hosts put together volunteer schedules for all on-site events. This role requires excellent people-skills and good attention to detail.

Guest Experience Manager

This role is perfect for someone who is naturally curious and can easily put themselves in other people’s shoes! The Guest Experience Manager is basically responsible for knowing what’s going on at all the walk locations so they can see what needs to be done - from updating our tribute page, to coordinating social media posts, to ensuring that hosts have up-to-date fundraising numbers on the day of the walk.

Planning Team

On-site Volunteer Roles



Refreshment Handler

Refreshments are always a big hit at any event so the Refreshment Handler is a popular go-to person! The Refreshment Handler keeps the refreshments section clean and organized and ensures the refreshments are not running out.



  • Safe food handling certificate required

  • Maintaining the highest health & safety standards for all refreshment handling, including the safe storage and disposal of food and beverages

  • Ensuring that refreshments have arriving at the event on schedule

  • Setting up tables and monitoring the refreshment flow so that we can maintain a rotation of the snacks, water, coffee, napkins, etc.

  • Engaging with the people at the event



Publicity Team

Event photographers will take photos of people as they arrive and during the event that can later be used in HHA newsletters, brochures, social media and other public relations material. The Publicity Team will be there to document the event and will be expected to portray participants, volunteers and staff in a professional and consensual manner.


  • Documenting the whole event professionally

  • Editing photos after the event, and sending these to HHA in a timely manner

  • Setting up the “Photo Booth”

  • Interacting clearly and in a friendly way with people during the event


Gift Bag Stuffer

Volunteers working on this job will be responsible for packing small gift bags with the donated gift items, with special attention to making the gifts appealing-looking!


  • Setting up the packing area

  • Organizing tasks within the teams, with some people tasked with stuffing bags and others with handing them out




Prize Announcer

This person is responsible for keeping prizes safe and announcing/distributing them according to the event schedule.


  • Making the prize display look nice

  • Based on information provided by the registration table, determining who the prize winners are

  • Announcing the names of the winners on stage




Welcome Greeters

Volunteers in this location are the walkers first contact and need to be friendly, warm, and welcoming.


  • You will be welcoming our guests.

  • Ensure everyone has a name tag.

  • Assisting them while they go in to the event place.

  • Receive any donations they have collected personally





These volunteers check in walkers at the registration table and account for their donations.


  • Confirming people's name and contact information

  • Receiving any donations they have collected personally and issue a receipt for checks and cash

  • Calculating total fundraising amount for each walker and ensuring this information is forwarded to the volunteers at the prize table.

  • Distributing draw tickets to each walker according to the amount they raised




Event Set-up

Just as it sounds, this team will set up the event before it starts!


  • Receiving necessary items for the event, such as decorations, signs, table cloths, etc.

  • Keeping the event floor tidy at all times

  • Setting up the information table

  • Setting up all tables and chairs

  • Setting up podium, microphones, projector, and computer for the In Memoriam slide show




Event Take-down

Once the event is over for the day, this team packs everything up, making sure it's packed in an orderly way so that it's ready to use next year!



  • Removing all the table tops, the electronic items and other necessary item and ensuring that everything is returned to its rightful place/owner.

  • Creating the checklist of all the items that were used and making sure that no items are missing

  • Creating a list of items that may have been depleted




Lantern Table

All walkers receive a lantern and are invited to write the name of the loved one who they are walking for on a tag and attach it to their lantern.


  • Setting up the lanterns in a visually appealing way and ensuring that tags and permanent markers are available

  • Giving each walker a lantern, explaining what to do with the tag, and assisting them with attaching it to the lantern

  • Making sure that participants know that the lantern is for them to keep

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