When you visit our Walk Page on Canada Helps you can find more about our  walk participants can create a personal page where they can describe who the person they are walking for is and why they are walking for him/her. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to build a meaningful connection with others that perhaps share similar stories like yours.  

Check Tribute Pages by clicking on each participants' picture here:


Merri-Lee Agar
Sue Balaz
Glen Burkholder
Gloria Burford
Krista Brenner
The Curtis's
Amala Drijpal
Roslyn French-Sanges
Pattie Gunell
Jaimie Hall
Daniel & Kim Hind
Hermes Jatczak
Pam Keetch
Eileen Laffey
Sandy McCarron
Jennifer McCrae
Margaret Newport
Sue Pridham
Shirley Ricker
Tracey Robertson
Dave, Janice, Karly Roser
Dan Steinwald
Dean Walters
Ann Weaymouth
Terri Viola Wilson
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We can't change the outcome but we can improve the journey