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Team Hugging


Fundraising and walking as a ​​Team is a great way to connect with others who also feel strongly about improving access to compassionate end-of-life care in your community. 


So get your friends, family and co-workers together to WALK FOR CARE! You can also invite people to participate virtually - anyone, anywhere can join your team even if they can’t physically be there for the walk. 


Join a Team

You can easily join an existing team when you sign up to participate, or after you've already registered. If you're on a team, you can still use your individual tribute page to fundraise, so that donors have the chance to see who you're walking for.

Check out which teams you can already join below, and keep reading for details on how to create your own team!


Create a Team


When you create a team, you are registering as that team’s Captain! Simply click “Sign up to participate” > “Create a Team”, and then follow the easy steps to create your team’s tribute/fundraising page.


Make sure to choose a photo to represent your team and to write a couple of short paragraphs letting people know what your team is about and why they should support you. Set your team’s fundraising goal, and get fundraising!

Note that each team member can still use their individual tribute pages to fundraise if they wish, so that donors have the chance to see who they're walking in memory of (if different from the team tribute).


Don’t forget to consult our helpful Fundraising Toolkit.

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