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Moonlit Memory

The annual Moonlit Memory Walk was initiated for collective healing, to commemorate our loved ones, and most importantly to raise funds to help end the suffering so often experienced at the end of life.

Due to the Covid19 pandemic it is predicted that 20% of charities will close their doors permanently within the year. Partnering with HHA helps fund programs which provide compassionate, culturally sensitive and non-judgemental care to our dying community: For anyone ~ Of any age ~ At any time ~ under any roof

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Our Lanterns

Your $25.00 donation ensures Moonlit Memory Walkers are greeted with a commemorative lantern on which they write the name(s) of their loved one(s). The names of those being remembered are shared and, with lanterns lit, participants begin the walk to light the footpath. Thus begins the establishment of a community.

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Our Refreshment

Your $50.00 donation ensures Moonlit Memory Walkers will return from their walk eager to enjoy food and beverages graciously provided by our sponsor. At the reception, once strangers but now friends and old acquaintances reminisce, and thank one another for sharing their stories over coffee, tea and desserts.

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Our Tribute Page

Your $100.00 donation ensures that by sponsoring the Tribute Page, Moonlit Memory Walkers will be able to share their stories of how their loved one lived through a collage of pictures available at each of the regional walk locations. The tribute pages are shared at the event, in every Chapter, via a PowerPoint presentation.

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A Prize

Your $200.00 donation ensures Moonlit Memory Walker’s fundraising efforts are rewarded with unique, inclusive, and locally sourced gift baskets. Every Walker is encouraged to raise as much as possible for the benefit of HHA and its many programs. Walkers from each region are awarded prizes based on their fundraising.

Those who have lost a loved one through illness or accidental death.

Parents who are grieving the loss of a pregnancy or a baby born still.

Pet owners who wish to be connected with those who understand their loss.

Community members who recognize how important it is to have a hospice bed for everyone who needs one.


Helping Our Precious Pediatrics

Pre and Perinatal

Hospice at Home

Another Day​

Experiential Day Hospice

Compassionate Caregiving

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