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My brother David was the youngest of 3 kids and was 7 ½ years younger than me. I have a lot of fond memories of his childhood being so much older than him.

One of David’s favourite things when he was little was firetrucks. We lived near a fire station and every time a firetruck went by he would run to the window and excitedly exclaim “Firetruck! Firetruck!” I used to put him in his stroller and take him down to the fire station so he could see the trucks up close. The firemen used to let him sit in the truck and try on the boots that were as tall as his little legs.

David was exceptionally bright and smart and in Junior High School the principal and teachers encouraged my mother to consider sending David to a school for gifted children, but he did not want to go and leave his friends.

Unfortunately David suffered from addiction issues that started in his late teens and would follow him the rest of his life. He had many bouts of being clean in those years and we often felt hope for him.

In 2004 David had a son and after the untimely death of his son’s mother three years later, David became a single father. He and his son lived in Calgary with his mother and step-father until he unexpectedly passed away in February of 2018.

Though David’s life was full of challenges, he always had an awesome sense of humour and liked to laugh a lot. He was smart, innovative, creative and loved his family very much.


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