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Glen Burkholder is walking for his parents,

Murray & Helen Burkholder

Glen Burkholder, proudly one of three founders of the Home Hospice Association is walking in memory of his parents Helen & Murray.  In family order Glen is the fifth child born of six.  Growing up in a big family is wonderful, yet as parents very challenging to find the balance.  Glen parents did it with finesse.  His father died at the age of 59 and his mother when she was only 72 years.    As a funeral director, Glen has the opportunity to help families who are dealing with the loss of parents who have reached greater maturity.  He finds himself envious of those who enjoyed their parents for a greater length of time.  His parents didn't get to see the grandchildren become adults. In fact his father never saw his girls, Sadie and Emma.

'I remember my father to be a consonant gentleman, in every sense of the expression. (except in the locker room of the arena...hehehe)  He taught me  manners, discipline, chivalry and help those in need.  My mom...everything a mother is supposed to be!  She taught me to love God and all He created, equally.  She taught me compassion, kindness and respect.

Only those who have lost their parents, truly understand the impact it has on your life.  It saddens me beyond, when we take advantage of time, and not take the opportunity to enjoy the relationship you can have with your parents.  Instead outside influences, disagreements, and differences cloud the judgment of many; and before you know it - its too late, in the blink of eye, they are gone forever.  As a funeral director, I  have sat with too many family who go through the regret of lost time with their parents...I am living with that regret, on many levels."

So Glen will participate in the Moonlit Memory Walk in honour of his parents.  While doing so he will remember the many broken families where resolve is not found and the permanent separation, by death, is a final result.

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