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Since 2017 funds raised through the Moonlit Memory Walk have meant over 300 people have been trained and equipped to help HHA in its mission to deliver hospice care to those with a terminal illness and their loved ones. In collaboration with partner agencies HHA trained Death Doulas, Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doulas and Compassionate Caregivers have been helping the 84% us who have no access to early and quality hospice or palliative care.

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Pre and

Honouring the bond between pets and their people; The Bello Project cares for pets in the homes of their dying owners. Care requires the purchase of equipment for pet safety and/or to assist with socialization. When the time comes for a new family take over, we also seek funds also ensure that any health or medical needs of the pet are taken care of.

Journeying through birth and loss together; Pre and Perinatal Hospice ensures that the 1 in 4 who hear the devasting words “we can not detect a heartbeat” do not face this outcome along. The Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doula Scholarship Program trains those wishing to provide professional support. Funding for HHA’s six week progressive healing group Our Babies, Our Grief supports those who have experienced all manners of loss regardless of how long ago that loss may have occurred.

At Home

Wherever you lay your head, we will make a hospice bed; Professionally Trained Death Doulas deliver HHA’s Hospice At Home care with grace, culturally sensitive human connection and the support that families need to honour their loved one’s last wishes. Those who believe that wealth should not be the criteria for someone to have access to all that is needed at the end of life understand how important funding this professional care is.

Compassionate Caregiving

Increasing support in our communities only happens by increasing the number of people willing and able to be that support; best defined as Compassionate Caregiving. In the same spirit that it takes a village to raise a child, that village is equally necessary to be there at the end of lie. Training, supporting, empowering all those in a care giving role: palliative care professionals, clergy and caregivers in communities across Ontario. Training includes supporting these workers, called Death Doula (DD) members, for different situations including compassionate communication and supporting the mental health of the patient’s family members . Once training is completed, DD members will be mobilized to hospitals, long term care facilities and residential homes, where hospice care is needed. HHA also supports other charities that need help training their own workers for hospice related services.

A special
message of
thanks to those
who have walked with us:

Because of you we deliver effective hospice care that is sensitive to cultural values, provided regardless of ability to pay and support people’s mental health as they struggle to grieve the loss of a loved one. HHA is an extension of the family, as every member strives to help the dying where they are.

Considering joining a team walking for one of the services provided by Home Hospice Association in your community? Visit the following team pages to learn more:

New Programs

Through Moonlit Memory Walk funding, HHA is able to continue its pilot programs to find the greatest gaps in hospice care for communities around Ontario. One of the most important efforts of this program is creating pilot projects to meet the ever-changing needs of stakeholders. The ad-hoc projects help reveals what is unresolved in hospice care and develop services that resolve these issues in the communities. COVID has shown us the need to get creative to expand services to ensure regardless of where someone may live, how marginalized or isolated they may be… no one will die alone or in distress.

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