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Join this year's Moonlit Memory Walk "Crushing It for C.A.N.D.Y. Team"* in support of HHA's C.A.N.D.Y. Cafe program (Creating Awareness and Normalizing Death for Youth). This team is all about championing crucial conversations about dying, death, and grief with young people. 

*The team name is a playful nod to the game “Candy Crush”. “Crushing it” can be used to describe when someone is doing something with great success.  

Why C.A.N.D.Y. Cafe Matters 

Many of us encountered death at a young age without adequate support to navigate our emotions and questions. Today, more than ever, young people need safe spaces to openly discuss their thoughts and fears about death.


As a member of the "Crushing It For C.A.N.D.Y." team, you'll help HHA to ensure adults and the young people in their lives have the confidence and skills to have these essential conversations. 


Participant feedback after HHA's "How to Talk with Kids about Dying, Death & Grief" workshop

What We Do 

By fundraising and walking with us, you support HHA with: 

  • Education and Training: Expanding the program across Canada to equip adults working with youth to handle discussions about dying, death, and grief sensitively. 

  • Real Talk Experiences: Creating engaging, sensory experiences for youth that include hands-on activities, delicious foods, and compelling visual and auditory presentations, all within a supportive environment. 

How You Can Help 

Become a "C.A.N.D.Y. Crusher" today, and encourage your friends, family, and co-workers to walk alongside you!


After you’ve signed up to participate and joined the “Crushing It For C.A.N.D.Y.” Team, you can customize your personal tribute page with a photo and description. This can either be about a loved one you’re walking in memory of, or your reasons for wanting to support the C.A.N.D.Y. Cafe Program. And don’t forget to set your fundraising goal!  

Your Fundraising Dollars at Work

Your efforts help us: 

  • Bring vital educational resources to communities in all our chapters. 

  • Train caregivers and educators in providing compassionate support to young people.

  • Offer young individuals a memorable experience that helps them process their emotions in a safe and engaging environment. 

Join Us

Join us in making a lasting difference in how young people discuss and understand death, ensuring they receive the support they need!  

Terri Viola-Wilson
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