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Organizing Committee


Those who find it exciting to plan a great family outdoor event and wish to focus on paying tribute to our friends, family members, coworkers and pets who have died are the ideal committee members for the organization of the Moonlit Memory Walk.


Committee Members are typically task oriented and action motivated individuals who demonstrate team work, leadership and accountability.  It is a great way for those who have recently graduated, who are in business for themselves, or who are considering a career change to build their portfolio and database of testimonials.    For those ultimately interested in a career or board position with HHA, joining a committee is a great way to begin the journey. The Moonlit Memory Walk needs committee members who are interested in the following:

  • Graphic Design of material that we would use to secure sponsors or participants (walkers)

  • Securing Goods in Kind Donations and prizing

  • Securing Sponsors

  • Advertising Sales for the Commemorative Walk Program and Walk Signs

  • Volunteer Organization

  • Team Recruitment & Team Challenges


On Site Army for Annual Moonlit Memory Walk



Nature of the Position:  To ensure that everything is in place for the event.


Outline of Responsibilities


  • Arrive at designated time to lay out event logistics according to diagram

  • Distribute equipment and supplies to designated areas according to diagram

  • Check that all tables have required supplies

  • Help put out signs outside and inside



Nature of the Position:  To welcome every walker and ensure that they are registered and that they are provided with all the information necessary.

Outline of Responsibilities

  • Make each participant feel that they are an important part of the event

  • Review pledge forms and confirm amounts raised

  • Hand out the appropriate walker package

  • Give out directions for all onsite Guest Experience areas

  • Answer any questions



Nature of the Position: To welcome every visitor at the door and lead them to the registration desk.


Outline of Responsibilities

  • Welcome each walker, family and team that arrives and make them feel comfortable

  • Lead or direct participants to the registration desk

  • Hand out programs and make comfortable while waiting to register



Nature of the Position: To provide refreshments for the participants


Outline of Responsibilities

  • Set up table with refreshments

  • Provide plates, napkins, forks, cups for the refreshments

  • Refill refreshments as needed.  Clean up as needed



Nature of the Position: To make sure we leave the venue cleaner than when we arrived with everything back in its original place.


Outline of Responsibilities

  • Return items

  • Take down all signs and displays.

  • Pack up supplies and take to pick up or loading area

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