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Home Hospice Association is about honouring our dying and those who love them through our commitment to establish the best relationships in order to fill the greatest need in end-of-life care. By joining our walk, you join in the commitment and help raise money in memory of your loved one, honouring their legacy. We are never more vulnerable than during the time of our dying. It is only through fundraising that HHA is able to provide education and training for our volunteers, to care for the dying, to care for those who love them (including their pets), and to provide safe space for difficult conversations about dying, death, and grief to take place. Thank you for being a part of our compassionate care!


Moonlit Memory Walk Hamilton

222 Queenston Road

6:00 PM

  • Registration and Dinner

  • Reflection and Celebration of Life

  • Memory Walk

  • Recognition

222 Queenston Road,

Hamilton ON

6:00 PM

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