Hospice at

Wherever someone lays their head we will make their hospice bed.

The word home has a different connotation or meaning to each of us. Do you define your home as one with a white picket fence, a balcony, a cardboard box, a long term care facility or prison cell? Wherever the dying call home, Home Hospice Association’s Compassionate Caregivers and professionally trained Death Doulas help to ensure that the definition of home, for all, means compassion, respect, dignity and culturally sensitive human connection delivered without judgement.

Benefits from Hospice at

Hospice at Home provides support to a person and their loved ones before, during and after a diagnosis is made, that will likely lead to the individual’s death.

Professionally trained Death Doulas and volunteer Compassionate Caregivers will help to create a comfortable space for someone reaching the end of life in their own home, wherever home may be. Being in a place that is familiar is perfect when hope changes from cure to comfort. It allows time for legacy projects, opens the door to important conversations and delivers the support family needs to prepare for what they will witness in the last hours of life. Hospice at Home benefits the person who has received the terminal diagnosis and their entire circle of caregivers. We all want to fulfil our loved one’s wish to die in the comfort of their own surroundings, Hospice at Home is the best way for us to ensure nothing stands in the way.

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