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Pam Keetch is walking for her Dad Roy Keetch

    If I was limited to only one adjective to describe my dad, I would say that he was an honorable man.  He was very unassuming and never one to want to stand out in a crowd.  He had the most amazing laugh, and my brother and I would give him funny videos (Tim Conway as Dorf on golf) or cartoon books (the Herman books were his favorite) at Christmas, just so we could get him started laughing.   Dad would start with one chuckle, but within a few minutes he’d be laughing non-stop with tears rolling down his face.  To watch his enjoyment and to see him laughing uncontrollably is a favorite memory that I will never forget, and I’m sure that my brother won’t either.

    My dad lived through some very difficult times.   He proudly served with the RCAF in WWII, and flew quite a few missions, even though he became airsick almost every time.  Dad never talked about his war experiences and I know that they were very hard, but I am fortunate to have the letters that he sent to his mom when he was in training and overseas.

   Dad was a high school teacher, and worked very hard to help impart knowledge and life skills to his students.  Most evenings he would be working away at his desk in the rec room while the rest of the family sat and enjoyed TV.  Dad loved to golf and curl, and I’m glad that he had about 5 healthy years post-retirement to enjoy those activities.

   My dad was diagnosed with cancer shortly before I left for a very special trip with friends.  He and my mom held off telling me until after I returned, knowing that I would have cancelled my trip otherwise.  Throughout his treatments and illness he never once expressed feeling sorry for himself and never complained, even though he must have been in pain.  He wished to die at home, and thanks to the efforts of my mom in dedicating herself to his care, was able to do so – on November 18, 1991.  Unfortunately I was away on a business trip when he died – I will always regret that I was unable to be there with him and to help my mom at that very difficult time.

   I treasure my memories of my dad, and the values, love and guidance that he provided me and our family.  I hope that he would be proud of the person that I have become.  I am honored to participate in the Moonlit Memory Walk in his memory.

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