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Refreshment Handler – Refreshment handler for an event allows our volunteers to feel connected to the event. They keep the refreshments sections clean and organized and ensure the refreshments are not running out. Events are all about Hospitality.



  • Safe food handling certificate.

  • Handling all of the refreshments for the event within Health and Safety standards at all times.

  • Making sure the refreshments decided upon are at the event.

  • Setting up tables and monitoring the refreshment flow so that we can maintain a rotation of the snacks, water, coffee, napkins and other refreshment related items.

  • Maintaining cleanliness and engaging with the people at the event.

  • Ensure the safe storage and disposal of food and beverages.

Event Coverage Team – Event photographers will take images of people as they arrive and during the information session. Event photographers take pictures that can be published in company newsletters, brochures and other public relations material. The Publicity Team will be there to document the event and will be expected to portray employees and staff in the most professional manner possible.


  • Documenting the whole event professionally

  • Editing photos after the event, and delivering the final product.

  • Responsible for setting up the “Photo Booth”

  • Interacting clearly and in a friendly way with the people during the event to get what they want out of the photograph.


Gift Bag Stuffer – Volunteers working on this job will be responsible for packing different kinds of small gift bags with the donated gift items in a creative manner so that people will like them.


  • Setting up the space for packaging of the gifts.

  • Organizing the task within the teams, a few people will be responsible for putting stuff into the gift bags and others, for handing them out to the people.


Setting up Prize Tables – Organizing and distribution of the prize.


  • You will be responsible for making the prize display enjoyable

  • You have to work as a Host on the stage who will be announcing the names of the winners.

  • Based on information provided by the registration table, determine who the prize winners are.

Welcoming table - Volunteers in this location are the walkers first contact.


  • You will be welcoming our guests.

  • Ensure everyone has a name tag.

  • Assisting them while they go in to the event place.

  • Receive any donations they have collected personally

Walker Registration Table – Creating a Registration table is an important part of ensuring the walkers are checked in and their donations are all accounted for


  • As a volunteer at the registration table you will be responsible for confirming people's name and contact information.

  • Receive any donations they have collected personally and issue a receipt for checks and cash received. 

  • Calculate total fundraising amount for each walker and ensure this information is forwarded to the volunteers at the Prize Table.

  • Distribute draw tickets to each walker according to the amount they raised.

Event Set Up –This team will set up the event.


  • Receive necessary items for the event such as decor, printed signs, table cloths and other resources.

  • Keeping the event floor neat and professional at all times.

  • Set up the information table.

  • Set up all tables and chairs.

  • Set up podium, microphones, projector, and computer for the In Memoriam slide show.

Exhibit Tear Down – Once the event is over for the day volunteer team will be responsible for packing all the stuff back again for the next use.



  • Removing all the table tops, the electronic items and other necessary item and ensure that everything is returned to its rightful place/owner.

  • Creating the checklist of all the items that were used and making sure that no items are missing.

  • Creating a list of items that may have been depleted.

Lanterns table - All walkers receive a lantern and are invited to write the of the loved one for whom they are walking on a tag and attach it to their lantern.


  • Set up the lanterns in a visually appealing way and ensure that tags and permanent markers are available.

  • Give each walker a lantern, explain what to do with the tag, and assist them with attaching it to the lantern.

  • Make sure that they know that lantern for them to keep.

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