Pre and

Perinatal Hospice

The Pre and Perinatal Hospice Program offers support for parents through one of the most devastating losses imaginable. This program, unique to Home Hospice Association, fills a gap in care as it is the only program that supports people through the loss, not just after the loss. Support can begin as soon as the parent learns the pregnancy is no longer viable; whether from a terminal diagnosis, learning that there is no longer a heartbeat, experiencing a miscarriage, or the need for a medically required pregnancy termination. These services are provided at no cost and your support helps give families much needed care throughout a very difficult time.

Why Walk



One in four - that means 25% of pregnancies do not result in a live birth. When you consider the siblings, aunts, uncles and grandparents who will also experience this devastating loss, the loss affects many more people. Despite this far-reaching impact of a pregnancy loss, the support available was almost non-existent until Home Hospice developed the program that you are walking to help support. With your help, we are able to provide progressive healing and care before, during and after delivery.

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