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The Bello Project

Why we need your support >

Through your fundraising efforts, you support volunteers who are caring for pets in the homes of their dying owners and help to purchase equipment to ensure the safety of the pet or to assist with socialization. 


An important part of The Bello Project answers the question “what do we do if there is not a friend or family member who can take the pet after the owner’s death?”.  Funds from this event also ensure that any health or medical needs of the pet are taken care so possible financial restraints do not prevent the pet from going to the ideal new owner. 

Help Prevent the Pre-mature Separation of a pet and their dying owner

Why we need your support >

1 in 4 Pregnancies Do Not Result in a Live Birth
Pre and Perinatal Hospice

It is something that no parent-to-be wants to hear…”we can’t find a heartbeat”.  The mind goes numb, the body is shocked and the heart is broken. Our chapter works hard to support families before, during and after a labour that will lead to a loss.  Two of the aspects of this care we are most proud of is our scholarship fund to train members of our community who wish to become Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doulas and the six week progressive healing group; Our Babies, Our Grief.   There is a 25% chance that the person reading this impact has either experience such loss.  A unique service of our chapter and one that will benefit so greatly from your financial support.

Why we need your support >

Program Development & Pilot Projects

HHA has always had as its mission to find the greatest gaps where our dying community is falling through and fill those gaps.  Our seven core programs are the first step.  As our communities grow and our are expands new gaps reveal themselves.  One of the most important efforts our national HHA is responsible for is creating pilot projects to grow the program to meet these new needs.  Once the pilot is complete and thanks to the financial support that the Moonlit Memory Walk provides, we are then able to roll out the pilot to communities across the province.

Why we need your support >

Professional and Volunteer Resources

IPLD Scholarship Program:  One in Four.  That is the number of women who hear the words ‘you are pregnant” will not have a pregnancy that results in a live birth. It is a staggering number and the single reason why HHA decided at “at any age” must include those who die in utero or shortly after birth.  To meet the need professional Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doulas you are helping to build a scholarship program.


Compassionate Caregiving Training: Ensure those in our communities who need our Compassionate Caregiving Training receive it. Your support through the Moonlit  Memory Walk makes this training available to anyone in any community.  Trained Compassionate Caregivers will be mobilized in Hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities and in the communities where they live.  Imagine sharing this training with other charities that need to train their teams but do not have the resources.  Funds help meet their needs, drawing our circle of compassionate care even wider.

Present when needed the most
Hospice at Home

Why we need your support >

A Death Doula provides important support to a dying person and their loved ones before, during and after a diagnosis leads to death.  HHA Death Doulas help create a compassionate space for dying, working on legacy projects, offering grief support to the dying and those who love them and being present to offer strength to family members while to are bedside for the last day or hours.  Helping to raise money at the Moonlit Memory Walk for Hospice at Home helps to eliminate the risk of someone losing control over where they want to die because of a shortage of care or equipment.

  Thanks to our community Death Doulas we are able to support our dying wherever they may call home. 

Why we need your support >

On the road of life, one must face death
Death Cafes

Home Hospice Association's community awareness and education efforts seeks to support people on the road to accepting death as a part of life. Together we move towards our mortality rather then away from it. Home Hospice Association, along with several community partners, has opened a space to talk about dying and death. One of these spaces is called the Death Café. With a mug of tea or coffee in hand, we come together in an open conversation about death and what it means in life. 

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