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The Bello Project

Why we need your support >

Keeping pets and their dying owners together sharing their love and companionship until death is one of the most compassionate services that we offer.  The leadership team working with the Bello Project in our Chapter is doing amazing things for both our community and the national mission and vision. Your donation purchases equipment to ensure the safety of the pet or to assist the volunteer with socializing the pet.  Further our chapter is working to build educational events such as Pet Lover’s Death Cafes and How to Provide for your Surviving Pet through your Advanced Care Planning.     

Help Prevent the Pre-mature Separation of a pet and their dying owner

Why we need your support >

1 in 4 Pregnancies Do Not Result in a Live Birth
Pre and Perinatal Hospice

It is something that no parent-to-be wants to hear…”we can’t find a heartbeat”.  The mind goes numb, the body is shocked and the heart is broken. Our chapter works hard to support families before, during and after a labour that will lead to a loss.  Two of the aspects of this care we are most proud of is our scholarship fund to train members of our community who wish to become Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doulas and the six week progressive healing group; Our Babies, Our Grief.   There is a 25% chance that the person reading this impact has either experience such loss.  A unique service of our chapter and one that will benefit so greatly from your financial support.

Why we need your support >

Hospice at Home
Wherever our Dying members of Waterloo lay their head, We will make their hospice bed

A Death Doula provides important support to a dying person and their loved ones before, during and after a diagnosis leads to death.

HHA Death Doulas help create a compassionate space for dying, working on legacy projects, offering grief support to the dying and those who love them and being present to offer strength to family members while to are bedside for the last day or hours.

Helping to raise money at the Moonlit Memory Walk for Hospice at Home helps to eliminate the risk of someone losing control over where they want to die because of a shortage of care or equipment.

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